New Training Time Table – Effective the week of 8th September

Article posted on Monday, August, 25th, 2014 at 1:32 pm

Welcome to Hertsmere Flyers New Season!

Getting information to everybody  is always difficult and the way I choose to do it is with the use of Newsletters. Whenever I have something to say as Head Coach I’ll use a news letter so it’s important you check your emails regularly.

New Training Time Table – Effective the week of 8th September can now be viewed by clicking here.

Unfortunately there isn’t a gym room  available for land training on Saturday, so that will have to wait for now.

Everyone has more swim time than previously and we have found time for our Pre squad, so we can introduce them to club swimming, our methods and to build stamina and skills before they join a competitive squad.

The Masters and Club Squads have been amalgamated into one squad. This allows us to give everyone more swim time but means 2 changes:-

  1. This squad will be reserved for those who are older than 14 years of age.
  2. All those in the squad must understand lane discipline, so faster and slower swimmers can each get the most out of every session.

Squads: Dev1Dev2, Age and Youth

Please remember that these are competitive swimming sqauds and as such it is very important that you all get as much water time as possible. That’s also true because your coaches are planning a complete programme, including stroke sessions, fitness sessions and speed focussed sessions. Missing a segment puts you at a disadvantage to others in your lane, slows you down and potentially badly affects what can be achieved within a session. It is very frustrating for a coach not to be able to complete a session due to a few swimmers not having the fitness or skills to keep up with the others, especially when we’ve practised those skills recently in a session.

For that reason, if lane space proves to be in short supply over the next few weeks we will begin to reserve space for those swimmers who show their enthusiasm for swimming by turning up for as many sessions as they can.That includes the Wednesday Morning session starting at 6:00 which I expect any competitive swimmer to attend ( if you have to leave early to get to school or your parent to work that will be understood).

We will also be re-assessing swimmers over the next few weeks and may adjust the squad rosters to ensure each squad has appropriate numbers  at the appropriate skill levels for every squad.

All of you should regularly enter competitive galas so we can see how you’re going and get you used to racing.

If you have any questions about this please either talk with your squad coach or get back to me.

… a note to Age Group and Development squad swimmers ….

If you haven’t yet arranged an appointment with me to discuss your targets for the coming year please do so over the next week or so.

Happy Swimming

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