Peanuts League -Round 1 Report

Article posted on Wednesday, May, 13th, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Peanuts League Round 1 & 2


The Hertsmere Flyers team for the Peanuts League (for those swimmers under 13 years of age) had a really fantastic atmousphere, with everyone enjoying the gala. All of our swimers did brilliantly and entered into the spirit of the event. Thank you all for making it such a great evening.

Although we came 5th the final scores don’t really tell the whole story. Age groups for the gala are:

Aged 9

Under 11

Under 12

Under 13

And the date for consideration of Birthdays is 15th July 2015.


Unfortunately we only have one 9 year old in the club and although she swam really well, to gain us a 2nd and a 5th place, in all other 9 year old races we were disqualified (we swam over aged swimmers just for practice). That means for each race we received 7 points, out of a possible 6 – giving us 63 points. In addition, we were disqualified for 2 relay takeovers and 1 back stroke finish. If we had come an average of 4th in each of these races we would have saved 30 points and would probably have come third overall.


We gave a number of swimmers the chance to race in the 9 year category, which worked really well,  so we will do that again in the second round on 7th June. We don’t know where the meet is yet but I want to give some extra people the chance to race for the team, which is initially as follows:


Keely White F 9 Koby Cornwell M 7
Olivia Jones F 10 Ben Mitchell M 10
Allie Foreman F 10 Aman Chhaya M 10
Tilly Golding F 10 Jack Wolbrom M 10
Kallie-Ann Holroyd F 10 Dillan Attygalle M 10
Leah Osher F 10 Noah Cornwell M 10
Temilayo Elesin F 10 Sam Newman M 11
Freya Bigland F 11 Ayur Pulle M 11
Misi Subair F 11 Samuel Oakley M 11
Emily Clark F 11 Oscar Connolly M 11
Katie McAree F 11 Sam Wagman M 12
Emily Connolly F 11 Buster Balcombe M 12
Hannah Vogel F 12 Danyal Hussain M 12
Hannah Newman F 12 Joshua Foreman M 12
Rachel Vardy F 12
Natasha Tan F 12
Portia Nicholas-Jago F 12