Regional Championships Report Weekend 1

Article posted on Monday, May, 11th, 2015 at 9:15 am

In the first week end of the Eatern Regional Championships we had 3 swimmers qualifying, a tremendous increase on our sole single qualifyer last year.


Our first swimmer up was Adam, who’s been swimming strongly over recent weeks, in the 100 FC. Adam went out in 27.4 in his first length and completed the 100m in 57.85, a long course PB and within 0.12s of his short course PB. In fact, the time converts to 56.35 using the ASA tables a huge personal best. Adam went into the championships ranked 17th in the region and comes out ranked 13th. He did say that his turn nearly missed the wall – so imagine what might have been if he had a perfect race.


Cherlotte hasn’t been able to swim lately and consequently didn’t perform up to her standard in the 50 Breast Stroke. That’s unfortunate, but at least she was able to enjoy Regional Champs for the first time.


Adam has been suffering from a hip problem and this affected his 400m swim. He started well, with a 1:04 first 100m and was powering into each turn and driving off the wall well but his hip began to be painful and his turns less and less dynamic, a 200m split of 2:17 is testament to that. His overall time of 4:40.28 is a long course PB but doesn’t do his current form justice.

Next up Chloe in the 100 Fly. Her dive and first length were reallyy agressive, completing the 50m in 32.81s. However she seemed to have a problem off the wall and a poor 3rd 25m. Apparently her goggle had slipped and she thought they may slip down her face if she pushed off the wall hard, limitting her speed on the 2nd length. Although she picked up her pace in the final 25m her time of 1:11.76 (although a long course PB) wasn’t what she is capable of. We had hoped she would have a chance of reaching the finals, a time sub 1:08.81 was needed which I’m convinced she’s capable of. In any case, even with slipped goggles, Chloe went into the championships raked 17th 16 year old and is now 14th.

Adam had 2 more swims to complete, the 50m FC and the 50m Fly. In the 50 FC he came into the championships ranked 24th but his time of 26.74 is not only a long and short course PB but converts to 25,94s for a short course swim and places him 17th best in the region. His 50m Fly was no different, he attacked the swim fromt he start, not breathing for the first 25m of the race and powered home to win his heat in 29.32s again both loong and short course PB’s. That converts to 28.62 short course and ranks Adam 15th in the region, when he began the day 26th.

Great spirited swims from you all and just shows how we’re catching up with other clubs.