Peanuts League Round 2 & 3

Article posted on Friday, June, 19th, 2015 at 8:02 am
Thanks you all who attended Round 2 of the Herts League, there was a fantastic team spirit and everyone performed to their best.


We were again a victim to our lack of 9 year old swimmers. Those who swam were fantastic but the penalties we get from not swimming legal teams in the relays costs us dearly. Close to the end of the individual swims we were standing 3rd in the rankings but we slipped to 5th overall after the final relays.


The next round is on the 4th July at the Venue and we’re giving one or two who haven’t swum yet a chance to participate to gain experience where there is little pressure and a team atmousohere. The teams will be:


Keely White F 9 Emily Connolly F 11 Koby Cornwell M 7
Amy Stewart F 9 Hannah Vogel F 12 Ben Mitchell M 10
Grace Coyle F 9 Hannah Newman F 12 Aman Chhaya M 10
Madison Vogel F 9 Rachel Vardy F 12 Jack Wolbrom M 10
Olivia Jones F 10 Jessi Yafet F 12 Dillan Attygalle M 10
Allie Foreman F 10 Portia Nicholas-Jago F 12 Noah Cornwell M 10
Tilly Golding F 10       Sam Newman M 11
Kallie-Ann Holroyd F 10       Ayur Pulle M 11
Leah Osher F 10       Samuel Oakley M 11
Temilayo Elesin F 10       Oscar Connolly M 11
Freya Bigland F 11       Sam Wagman M 12
Misi Subair F 11       Buster Balcombe M 12
Emily Clark F 11       Danyal Hussain M 12
Katie McAree F 11       Joshua Foreman M 12


Please let me know if you’re free to swim as soon as possible by replying to this email.