Counties First Week End Report

Article posted on Wednesday, January, 27th, 2016 at 9:08 am
The first week end of the Herts County Championships saw some magnificent swims from Hertsmere Flyers swimmers.
There is a new format this year, with all 100m and 50m races having a final for each age group and the qualification standards often being harder, with fewer swimmers qualifying in each age group.

Saturday – A Good Start

Saturday morning saw the girls 100 Fly and boys 100 Back in the first session and the reverse of that in the afternoon.

Alicia was first off, improving her PB by nearly1 second , which was good enough to move her from 11th up to 9th ranked 100 Fly swimmer in the County. Chloe swam next and turned in 1:12.6, exceptional given she’s concentrating more on coaching these days.

Noah, Josh and Tolu were competing in the 100 Back. Coming in to this competition they were ranked 4th, 10th and 11th. Josh did a 2s and Tolu a 3s PB to raise their rankings to 9th and 10th (agonisingly close to the final) and Noah swam really well in the final, coming 4th with a new PB of 1:16.79.

Noah and Josh were again up in the 100 Fly. Both produced PBs in the heats and Noah PB’d again in the final, claiming the Bronze medal in the process. Adam was slightly below par, but that’s understandable as his Grandfather passed away earlier in the week. He’s now gone to the Check Republic to join the family and I’m sure all at Hertsmere Flyers send his whole family our good wishess and heart felt condolences.


The only event in the evening was the 200 IM, Josh and Noah going strong in these. Unfortunately Josh was DQ’d for a technical infringment (a silly thing to do), but Noah produced yet another strong performance and PB to claim his second Bronze medal.


Sunday – New Swimmers

Sunday was Breast stroke and Freestyle day and our first swimmers up were Ayur, Noah, Josh and Tolu.

It was Ayurs first swim at Counties and he was clearly nervous to start with, however, he swam a really controlled race, improving his PB from 1:18 to 1:14 and only 2 seconds away from the final. In the same age group Noah continued to swim strongly and produced a PB in the heat, which he bettered in the final to secure his first Silver medal (moving up from his 3rd ranking before the competition).

Josh and Noah both performed beyond their best, each gaining 2 second PB’s but not quite reaching the final.

The afternoon saw Dillan, Sam and Alicia join us, this being both Sam and Dillans first trip to Counties.

Alicia was first up in the 100 Free and produced a 1;03.4, a PB of over 2 seconds to claim a final place. Although exceptionally negative about her chaces she produced another PB in the final and came in 4th – a great result and improving her County ranking from 14th to 4th in one afternoon and also now only 0.6s from her Regional qualification time.

Naturally both Dillan and Sam were vervous before their swims but both stepped up and performed magnificently in the 100 Breast stroke. Dillan produced a really flowing swim to clock a 4 seconds PB, but Sam outdid even that. Buoyed on by being next to Noah in the heats he produced a 1:29.13 (a 6.5 second PB) and made the final. Noah was also challenged, being next to Sam, and PB’d in 1:29.55 (again by 6.5s plus a new regional qualification time) and once more making the final. Tolu gave it his all as usual and made his age group final as well, meaning that of our 5 swimmers that afternoon, 4 actually made finals.

First up Noah – Producing another PB and taking another Bronze medal. Sam – Smashing his PB again, coming in 6th (rising from his 21st ranking before the champs and being within 2s of his Regional time). Tolu – swimming faster yet again and coming in 4th (maintaining his 4th ranking before the championships).


A fantastic start from all swimmers – with lots more great swimming to come. Well Done!