] What Kit do I need - Hertsmere Flyers

What Kit do I need

Training Sessions

  1. Goggles, plus spare set
  2. Kick Board
  3. Pull Boy
  4. Short Training Fins
  5. Paddles
  6. Water Bottle (compulsory – you will NOT be allowed to train if you do not have a drink with you)
  7. Swimming Hat [compulsory for girls, optional for boys]

Club Competitions (Open Meets, Team Gala’s & Race Nights)

  1. Black Swimming Costume
  2. Goggles, plus spare set
  3. Club Shirt, Plain black tracksuit trousers, Trainers
  4. Water Bottle and food snack. [diluted sports drink, fruit / cereal bar or rice cake] See Coaching page for more details on Nutrition
  5. Club Swimming Hat,
  6. Extra Towels as they get used quickly changing between races.