] Swim 21 - Hertsmere Flyers

Swim 21

Hertsmere Flyers Swimming Club is a Swim 21 Club 

Hertsmere Flyers Swimming Club was one of the first clubs to be recently granted Swim 21 club Essentials accreditation.

The ASA defines a Swim 21 club as one that has attained their aquatic quality mark for the development of effective, ethical sustainability.  At grass-roots level the club has shown that it looks after its swimmers’ personal wellbeing by having in place processes and procedures that result in the strict observance of the ASA standards for Equity, Safety, Welfare and Conduct.

The clubs’ staffing structure of suitably qualified staff ensures that all of the swimmers are given the opportunity to achieve their potential. The club has also shown that it seeks to develop the individual beyond the pool and encourages progression into teaching and coaching.

For more details on Swim 21 please speak to one of the coaches or visit the Swim 21 website.