] Lane Etiquette - Hertsmere Flyers

Lane Etiquette

Training Sessions

  1. Make sure when you start swimming that you are swimming along the rope in the same direction as the swimmer in the next lane.
  2. Keep to the allocated side of your lane.
  3. Unless you are in difficulties do not stop whilst swimming down the length wait till you get to the end.
  4. If someone is tail gating you allow them to pass during turning or at rest periods and speak to your coach about this.
  5. Be considerate of other swimmers in your lane.

Club, Open, Regional and National Galas

  1. Listen out for safety announcements about warm up’s and the direction of swimming in your lane.
  2. Diving is not permitted during warm up unless its in a designated one way sprint lane.
  3. Do not stop anywhere up the length.
  4. Do not obstruct the ends of the lane’s so that other swimmers may turn properly
  5. Take great care over taking during the warm up. Only do so where there is a clear gap.
  6. Listen out for instructions from the officials when to vacate lanes.